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Leaving Snapfish.com…
About a year ago I left behind everything I knew and moved to San Francisco to take a job at HP Snapfish.  Looking back the experience changed my life (an explanation is the topic of another blog post that will never be written).  In my short time at the company I created a slide show, image editor, text editor and other widgets that are used by millions of people in many different countries.  I would like to thank the people at Snapfish who believed in me enough to give me such an opportunity.  Not for one second did I underestimate the amount of faith you had in me. 
Moving on…
I have often said to my friends that the reason we have yet to start a business is that we have not found an idea we truly believe in.  I hold the belief that when I feel I am on the verge of greatness it will take a powerful force to stop me.  About 2 months ago I was surfing YouTube when I stumbled upon a demo video for **** (let’s protect the names of the innocent).  I thought to myself “damn what a rad idea.”  I was so passionate about what I saw that I sent the following email to my friends:
These fools are headed straight to the top…Damn I wish I thought of that.
The next morning I woke up and thought to myself, “what are the odds that this company is in California and would let me be part of their team?”  I went to their website to see if they were hiring.  They were, but not for anything I was qualified for.  Nonetheless I continued to follow the company.  Something about what they were doing had won me over.  They were accepting applications for beta users.  I signed up.  A few days later I received an invitation to be part of their beta plan.  I logged in to their site and while I was there I saw that they were hiring ActionScript developers.  Finally an area where I could contribute!  I sent them the following email:

My name is Timothy.  I was given access to the ****beta today.  After browsing the site for a bit I was truly blown away!  The innovation the site brings … is inspiring.  I am sincerely interested in being part of the **** team.  

Please consider me for the ActionScript Engineer position.  Recently I have done some JEDI level ActionScript for Snapfish.com, but my skill set is much broader (see resume).

Timothy Huertas
The next morning BAM!! I get an invitation to interview.  To make a long story even longer…I am leaving HP Snapfish in pursuit of a dream.  I really think I have found something that will inspire me to work with ferocity; a job that will move me to not want to do anything but “tear it up!” 
Stay tuned..

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    i’m excited for you and it makes me super happy when young people take the reins and pursue their dreams!

    here’s an inspiring video on achieving dreams, enjoy!


  2. if you distribute my email address i’ll kill you

    tim, you are going to make it happen. maybe this time…maybe next time. but it’s gonna happen, and i can’t wait for the day

    things are really good in kc for me. i bought a super cool airplane/glider that is borderline spiritual to fly. check it out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClWvJBfGg7s

    keep me posted now & then


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